Futuro operates entirely on a counter service model. So whether you call ahead, order online, or order in person, you'll pick your order up at the counter to carry out or to eat here.

Once you place your order at Futuro, we begin making your food. Then, when your order is ready, you will receive a text message letting you know your food is ready. When you receive your text message, approach the front counter and pick up your pizza and that's all there is to it! We use this model because it is extremely convenient and allows us to be as efficient as possible while respecting your time and allowing you to focus on eating pizza!

We do offer delivery of our products through a variety of 3rd party services including Doordash. That said, please understand the risks involved in ordering through these services and note that we cannot guarantee any part of the delivery of our product once it leaves our facility.

Please note: We do take phone orders for pickup/carryout but, online/dine in orders take priority over the phone during peak times so, if you have a hard time getting through on the phone, please go to www.orderfuturo.com and place your order that way for immediate service.

Absolutely! We have seating in our second floor dining room, a table on our main floor, and tons of patio seating!

Futuro serves a variety of styles of pizza, breadsticks and salads. Our dough is made in house, by hand, daily. We also make our sauce, sausage and meatballs by hand.

We offer:

Detroit Style pizza in small (8"x10" 6 slices), large (10"x14" 8 slices), and housemade gluten free (8"x10" 6 slices). Detroit style at Futuro is a rectangular pie and all pies include our house cheese blend and red sauce unless otherwise noted. Also note: our gluten free detroit style pizza is made using housemade gluten free dough but it is NOT CELIAC SAFE as we make the dough in the same facility as our normal pies and we use the Chicago Tavern style pizza in 16" our Tavern style pizza is a loving tribute to pizzas we ate living in Chicago. Thin and extremely crispy, all tavern pizzas include red sauce and our house cheese blend unless otherwise noted. Please note: our Tavern style pizza is square cut with toppings UNDER the cheese in most cases.

Gluten free Tavern style pizza - 10" thin crust square cut pizza utilizing a cauliflower crust

Specials: From time to time, we run specials utilizing other, additional styles of pizza including Chicago Deep Dish and School Cafeteria sheet pizza. Stay tuned to our social media/website for more information.

Absolutely! Futuro uses vegan items produced by the amazing Be-Hive in Nashville. We use their garlic shreds for cheese as well as their pepperoni and italian sausage iterations and they are all extremely high quality. Please note that ordering those items also requires a significant upcharge.

Our gluten free offerings are also great and available in small detroit style and thin crust!

Additionally, our standard pizza dough is 100% vegan!

All Detroit style pizzas at Futuro include house cheese blend, red sauce and are finished with Pecorino Romano cheese All Tavern style pizzas at Futuro include house cheese blend, red sauce and are finished with Italian seasoning

Absolutely! It is both appropriate and very much appreciated! All staff at Futuro split any tips received completely. Everyone makes a liveable wage and we treat our employees ethically and empathically. As we do not have a split 'front of house' and 'back of house' all employees take part in all steps of the operation of the business and all take part in making sure your product is the best it can be. We work extremely hard and very much appreciate any and all tips as those tips go directly to the staff.